new Images of Austria for your own Calendar 2019!

Jahreskalender Austrialandscapes 2019 a bi

There are very good news for you today!

This might be an interesting Information, specially for Austrian people and for people who feel attracted to Austria, but who live outside from that country! If you can’t get our new Calendar 2019 (size: 297mm x 420mm, with a Resolution of 842 x 1191 pixels!) and if you’re looking for your own and unique New Years Calendar, you defintely should consider of taking a look into our new updated digital product page >>> ! At the time of this post there are over 200 stunning images waiting for you! Wait; It’s getting even better! During the next days and weeks there will be way more images added to our site!

Please let us invite you  of creating your own New Years Calendar 2019 in your mother language and pick your favorite images from Austria, or surprise your friends and family at the Christmas evening with your unique New Year Calendar!  Because of their very high Resolution, you can easily print these images up to 1684 x 2384 pixels! If you need assisstance or if you have any question or concern, regarding to our images, we will be glad to hear from you!


Very best regards,

Your Team from

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