When aliens would find our planet!

Even AustriaLandscapes.org has its own billingual website, I want to take the opportunity of sharing my thoughts with you! Because, thanx god, meanwhile a bunch of people know now, that it’s not all about making money!

It was just yesterday, when I’ve seen a documentary on youtube, stating about the search of extraterrestrical Life. And suddently it popped up into my mind; “Hopefully we’ll never ever have any contact to another intelligent life!” Because at least me, I would be embarrassed myself to death, about in fron of these Aliens, when they only see how badly and how careless we treat our home planet! I bet, they would think; “What the hell is wrong with these people?” Yes, I really suffer about knowing that no one on this planet seems to care about the boat we are all in! If someone who has another project then ours of saving our nature we would love to know about!


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